Summer of (family) love: tiny home VW-roadtrip documentary

I’ve been following Kristen Dirksen’s work for years, starting as an intrigued college freshman, and now almost about to graduate with a civil engineering degree looking to build and solve space/aesthetic/functional problems that no doubt come with building and living within such a small space. The tiny house movement isn’t just for DIY nerds with extra time on their hands—I believe we all need to take some time to re-evaluate our possessions and the spaces that we live in. I don’t plan on working just to keep up a home of my own; I want to live and enjoy my own space. My interest in this whole movement started one day when my Dad gave my the floor plans to our current home. There were four different models at the time, and each of them included the same basic things: bathrooms, half-baths, living room, dining room, large kitchen, office, other sitting/dinning room, etc. We’re a family of 7, but even some of our rooms sit unused until the holidays! I knew then that my future home wouldn’t need extra space if I wasn’t going to use it–no more “rooms for show”. This documentary (as well as the rest of Kristen’s work on her YouTube channel) literally gives the open mic to people who think the same and who are still content making memories within their own debt-free spaces, how ever small they may be.

Compliments of Google.

God is Serious, seriously

I talked to God last night about wanting to make changes, wanting to make this academic year one of my best. I was serious about changing and being more focused and more dedicated to my work, and I wanted to start out by making little changes in my routine before school started back so that I would be ready for the semester. One of the things I planned on doing the next day was getting out of bed at 6:45am. I’ve got a 9:00am class every Mon/Wed/Fri, and I wanted some time in the morning to do more that just jump out of bed and race to class.

Okay, let’s stop there. When’s the last time you rolled out of bed at 6:45am? As a college student? Right. I’ve been sleeping in until around 8:30am every morning for the past 2 weeks of break, and it’s a hard habit to get out of. Especially when there is hardly an incentive to get out of bed in the first place: most of Michigan is under about 6-8 inches of snow right now, and the wind was blowing so hard last night that the snow has ridges in it like the sand dunes you see on postcards. Not to mention that it would still be dark out when I woke up. Or that my classes start on Wednesday, not Monday.

So I go to sleep, right? My first alarm goes off at 5:45am, as I’ve set it for a preliminary warning in case I do have to get up to cram (this was during the Fall semester, but old habits die hard). I turn it off, as usual, and go  back to sleep. Ten seconds later, 6:45am rolls around and I fish my phone from under my pillow and turn off my alarm. I frown at the bright digital display and mutter inwardly, I really don’t want to get up.

Instantly (and I mean instantly)  my nose starts bleeding out of nowhere.

(Trust me, this true story won’t get more gross than that.)

I leap out of bed and grab my tissue box off my desk without grappling like a fool in the dark. Don’t know how I did that.

Then I race to the bathroom, holding my nose. I’m in there for a minute before I realize that my nose isn’t bleeding anymore.

I waste four more tissues to make sure the bleeding has really stopped.

When I came to my senses,  I laughed. One, no one has nose bleeds that last for less than 60 seconds, and Two, God was in the midst of this, and I knew it. It was 6:50am and I was wide-eyed and alert, ready to start my day, despite my earlier acceptance of defeat. Now, I don’t know how to wrap up this thought with some clean sentiment about God listening to our prayers and looking out for us in the most special ways. I just know that when you decide to get serious about something, so does God. He’s serious about changing us and pruning us when we accept Christ as our Savior, and He’s serious about prayer. What we say matters to Him, and if we’re ready to change, then He is ready to hold our hand tightly to make the jump less scary.

And apparently, He’s also serious 6:45am. For the record, I didn’t get back into bed. A shower, some prayer time and a bowl of oatmeal later, I’m ready to start my “first” day of school.