Summer of (family) love: tiny home VW-roadtrip documentary

I’ve been following Kristen Dirksen’s work for years, starting as an intrigued college freshman, and now almost about to graduate with a civil engineering degree looking to build and solve space/aesthetic/functional problems that no doubt come with building and living within such a small space. The tiny house movement isn’t just for DIY nerds with extra time on their hands—I believe we all need to take some time to re-evaluate our possessions and the spaces that we live in. I don’t plan on working just to keep up a home of my own; I want to live and enjoy my own space. My interest in this whole movement started one day when my Dad gave my the floor plans to our current home. There were four different models at the time, and each of them included the same basic things: bathrooms, half-baths, living room, dining room, large kitchen, office, other sitting/dinning room, etc. We’re a family of 7, but even some of our rooms sit unused until the holidays! I knew then that my future home wouldn’t need extra space if I wasn’t going to use it–no more “rooms for show”. This documentary (as well as the rest of Kristen’s work on her YouTube channel) literally gives the open mic to people who think the same and who are still content making memories within their own debt-free spaces, how ever small they may be.

What's your take?

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